Chairman`s Message

I am glad to know that St. Joseph`s Co-ed School is publishing its special issue of the school magazine to commemorate the 25 years of its service to humanity. It is my honor and pleasure to write a few lines about this prestigious Educational Institution as the bells of the Silver Jubilee resound in the ears of everyone who is related this School as beneficiaries, supporters, collaborators and friends. I congratulate the School on having made a significant impact on the lives of so many bright minds, and inspired so many of our community leaders to support the cause of education. The motto all`s well when done well" speaks volumes about the spirit of the School, and inspires the budding students.

This educational institution, as in the case of every other institution, had a small and humble beginning. It had its ups and downs during its twenty five years of existence. In spite of its glorious feat as one of the best Educational institutions in Madhya Pradesh, particularly in the city of Bhopal, it never commercializes education but continues to remain an institution of service, catering to the educational needs of children.

St. Joseph`s has tried its best to excel in all departments of its students` growth. The specialty of this institute is that it has made quality education accessible to all, high and low, rich and poor, thanks to the highly motivated staff and the availability of quality infrastructure.

During these past 25 years, the institution has created an environment and ambience that fosters learning, as it provides the students with opportunities to explore and grow, through situations that challenge them to identify their strengths and reinforce them. In this regard the words of the great scientist Albert Einstein are memorable when he said, "I don`t teach my children. I create conditions for them to learn.

I take this occasion to congratulate the Principal, staff, students and parents for their strong sense of commitment, service and responsibility that has transformed this institution into an outstanding and significant temple of learning today, as I have myself witnessed this spirit among you. Now at this landmark of completing 25 years of love and service to all, I wish you God`s abundant blessing for manifold successes in the years to come.

Dr. Leo Cornelio, SVD
Archbishop of Bhopal

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