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Dr Fr Jonney PJ Don’t Profane the Temple of Learning
Most of you must have heard or read in newspapers regarding a group of people entering the otherwise enclosed and peaceful, serene and divine campus of a school shouting slogans, misbehaving with women, using derogatory language, profaning the temple of learning and once again raising a question mark over what true freedom is and pointing a finger at true democracy. The matter was all about working on a state holiday by a CBSE school. If you know it rightly, CBSE schools are supposed to follow the Central Government holidays (Bank holidays) anywhere in the country. May be to hold the uniform

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I am glad to know that St. Joseph's Co-ed School is publishing its special issue of the school magazines ...

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Can an educational institution ever age? Does it have a shelf life that is inbuilt at its inception? Can it become...

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