From the Principal's Desk

With a heart filled with gratitude I sit to pen this message for our school magazine.

At the onset, I extend a warm welcome to all the Readers of Impetus.

St. Joseph's Co-ed School, has come a long way in the history of its annals.

It is with thankfulness and benevolence of God Almighty that we were able to climb the ladder of success rung by rung during the past year 2018. I take pride and acknowledge the hard work of my Management, Staff, Students, the non-Teaching staff and our valuable support staff for their dedication, determination and undaunted spirit to keep our school at the zenith of success.

Each child entrusted to our care is a priceless pearl in unfinished form. Persuasion, motivation and encouragement given at the proper time and timely correction enables our wards to shine brightly in the future. They grow in wisdom, knowledge, respect, humility and learn to value life. Daniel Patrick says “The richest inheritance any child can have is a stable, loving, disciplined family life.”

It is very important for students to think critically. You learn what is taught in the classroom but it is also important for you to analyse, contrast, compare and make inferences of the things that are taught.

Whether a child, a youth or an adult, all of us at some time or another need a kind word, a gentle push, a few words of encouragement or a little support to do the job assigned and the outcome would be magnificent. We provide a host of educational programmes and a range of extracurricular activities to draw the talents and the skills of the students, staff and parents as well. We also celebrate the cultural, sports and other achievements of our school proudly.

Once again I congratulate all the dedicated members of St. Joseph's Co-ed Family for their vision to make the school grow in strength and the far-sightedness to take it to greater heights year by year.

God bless you all.

Fr. Varghese Shiju P.S



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