From the Principal's Desk

Dear Josephites,

With the dawn of 2016 St. Joseph´s Co-ed School rings in the Pearl Jubilee year of its inception. It is with a heart filled with gratitude to god and our Patron St. Joseph that we are able to favour the sweetness and benevolence of God´s protection, guidance, love and care on each and every inmate of this institution who have passed through the portals of this Alma Mater.

As I walk down the memory lane of the thirty magnificent years I am overwhelmed with joy at the work of the Master Craftman. God who has been working with every child refining, moulding, shaping and transforming them from gravel into prizeless pearls.

In this task I am greatly indebted to our parents, teachers, support staff well-wishers and benefactors past and present who have helped without counting the cost, the many sacrifices, selfless services and patient endurance of the many hardships they have encountered in transforming our tiny - tots who entered the kindergarten into productive pearls to step out and shoulder responsibility and bring the needed change in the society.

I also thank each child who has imbibed the moral, social and spiritual values given to them by their Alma Mater thus become pearls of great value for themselves and for the well-being of humanity.

I implore God´s abundant showers of blessings on each and every human person who will pass through St. Joseph´s Co-ed School in the future.

Fr. Varghese Shiju P.S



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